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Friday, June 08, 2007

Pitching Your Script part 3 - script USP

Presentation Skills

Too many people pitch the plot. Seems a strange thing to say. But not if you consider how you talk about films, or remember films. You often latch onto other things. Its these 'other things' that make the film one of your favourites or made you want to buy it. So pitch them.

If you are a story scholar your USP may be an unusual or powerful story premise. The premise is the central essence of the story, or the message of the film. If you are a structure freak it might be an unusual device or narrative method. If you are a character-based writer then does the film centre on someone we've never seen in a film before? If the film explores a mystery then you might want to start with 'Have you ever wondered why...'

Whatever it is - let's hear about it. And hear about it upfront.

The plot can then follow. With so many scripts in the market place then your pitchee needs to know what makes your film different. And quickly!

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