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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pitching Your Script part 2 - practise it!

Practise pitching your script

Very simple. Practise your pitch. That's it.

Here is what that doesn't mean. It doesn't mean thinking it through in your head, it doesn't mean making some notes, it doesn't mean writing / reading your treatment.

It does mean actually doing it. My suggestion is to pitch to someone, perhaps a scriptwriting colleague or friend, who can help you get better - but not someone who you want to impress with your pitch. We all know this, but so rarely do it.

A normal pitch practise session normally consists of the first effort being rubbish. But that's why you are practising after all. It is at this point you should feel great. You should feel great because you didn't do this rubbish attempt 'live' in front of someone who matters. You should then, after feedback, do it a few more times. Personally I find my pitch gets good at around the 5th go.

Last year we did a practise before Cannes - myself, Danny Stack and Suki Singh. I know it really helped. When Suki comes over this week I think we'll do a pre-Cannes practise of our LooP pitch. Its even more important to practise if you are a co-writer to make sure you both tell a complementary, yet equally powerful, story.

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