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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pitching Your Script part 1- company research

Pitching Your Script. After the slightly radical first half of Pitching (pitching yourself) we would now seem to be on more standard ground. Pitching your script is second only to structure as being seen as a black art or occult magic by some writers. More is written about it than anything else. I won't repeat all the advice here. For those that want it here are two articles from Danny Stack on preparation and how to do it and there is also a wordplayer article.

Instead this entry is about something you may not have heard others saying. But perhaps you do it naturally, or perhaps you've never even thought about it.

Company research.

And by company I also mean individual producers or film organisations. Whoever you are pitching to, don't just know your onions, know their onions too. What are their greatest successes? What are their upcoming projects? Who are their co-production partners?

Knowing this helps you to tailor your pitch. It makes it personal. It makes it a pitch to them, not just another pitch.

The good news is this is easy. The research part is easy as ALL companies want everyone to know about their successes. The tailoring part is easy too as it just involves a couple of tweaks. Its a tuning of your pitch rather than a redraft.

As a cautionary tale imagine pitching Shaun of the Dead (the rom com zom) to Working Title and concentrating on the zombie aspect. A bit of research would indicate that you should probably concentrate on the comedy element.

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