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Friday, December 01, 2006

New book on the whole film2.0 future

A few posts ago I talked about the rules of the film2.0 world. Well Scott Kirsner over at the CinemaTech blog has gone one better. He has collected together all the thoughts and ideas from over 2 years of interviews with the top 'web video' guys into one place. His approach is much more on the business behind it rather than the art. Its a good length as well - about 90 pages.

Here is how Scott sums up the book...

"Initially, my objective with the book was to put together something that would be useful for independent "creatives" -- filmmakers, freelance TV producers, anyone with a camera and an idea -- who want to understand how they can make money in this Web video economy. I hope I've achieved that. But as I was writing, I expanded the scope quite a bit, getting into the the challenges and opportunities Web video creates for big media companies, advertisers, and entrepreneurs. There are lots of interviews, data points, and case studies."

Scotts a good writer and has written on this topic for big US publications like The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, NY Times etc.

You get it from here and it costs £10.99 for a paperback copy but there is a cheaper e-book version. Scott sent me a free preview copy as he knows this is right up my street. But, just to be clear, I don't get any commission or any benefit from recommending it. But I do recommend it none the less. I'm half way through and its given me 3 ideas for Circumference already. I don't recommend that you give it to your mum as a Christmas present.

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