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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Interview greatness

The Wessex Muse popped around the other day to ask for some scriptwriting insights for their new issue. The resulting article can be read here in PDF form. Worth a quick read if only to be outraged that I can be called a 'demigod'. You heard it here first folks.

Actually the Wessex Muse is always worth a quick read - even more so if I'm not in it. Its free, but only currently available in the Dorset and Devon areas. It covers all art forms.

I always feel like I should give some sort of advice in the blog posts but I'm not sure what form that should take today. Instead let me tell you about two things I noticed while I was dragged around the shops for the post-Christmas sales.

One: Books Who needs books? We can read stuff on the internet. Its cheaper and quicker and more up to date. Everyone knows this, even publishers. So what I noticed this year, more than ever, was the way that the publishers have tackled this head on. A lot of the new books are bigger, or super glossy, or use rough paper, or glow in the dark, or do something. In short they are tactile - because you can't touch a website. Books have adapted and used their difference to stand out and offer something unique. Great. What about film/ cinema? Will it do the same? If HD DVDs become cheap and easy - what will cinema do?

Two: Choices The girl in Starbucks asked me what muffin I wanted. I replied 'you choose'. She started to tell me all the flavours. So I said again 'you choose'. So she started telling me what other people liked. In the end I forced her to pick one but she didn't like it. Not sure what the morale is here - though but its a good bit of story dust!

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