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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Technical overview


The word to strike fear in writers. We write because we are artistic beings who strive to enrapture our audience with tall tales gleaned from the human condition. 'Technical' doesn't come into it. Man!

But that's of course complete bollocks for the writer trying to get ahead and ensure his script turns into something tangible - film, TV, game, play, whatever. There is definitely a certain level of competency that you must have in order to be taken seriously. But I say we should go just that bit further. We should not have the minimum skills to get by. That would make us like a painter who doesn't understand the materials he uses. He can get by without it - but knowledge of how paint reacts to the canvas can only help to make him more competent. It doesn't make him 'better' or more artistic. Just more professional.

Rough old analogies aside this may make us feel a bit out of our 'comfort zone' or more simply put, it sounds like a bit of effort. But actually being on top of your computer skills, knowing how to make your documents look great, understanding some conventions will make your work better and make you feel confident.

So, tough sell though I think it is, that's what we'll look at in this section. What do you actually need to be able to do and how well? It may surprise you but some writers actually enjoy this. My friend Stewart McKie even runs a website specialising it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tim. Been thinking about your diagram ALOT - totally mega useful in the extreme. Thanks for that. I wrote a thing of my own to do with NARRATIVES and the notion of non/linearity (not neccessarily just screenwriting) when I was at uni that I wouldn't mind talking to you about. You seem like a guy up for philosophical discussion...May I?

Tim Clague said...

Would it make a good 'guest blog' entry?

Anonymous said...

Dunno about that - you may think my idea is a load of crap or irrelevant. But it got me a first in my scriptwriting end exams.

Tim Clague said...

Sounds good to me.