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Sunday, November 26, 2006

The rules

'Real' bloggers like Hugh 'Gaping Void' MacLeod and Seth 'Purple Cow' Godin are doing mini manifestos. A manifesto is a set of rules that lie behind an idea. I talk constantly about film 2.0 and TV 2.0

But what does it really mean? What is the manifesto?

The rules of film making in the film2.0 world are:

One: Be close.
The audience and the film maker must be as close as possible. People that get 'in the way' (exhibitors, distributors) must either become part of the film making team or be side-lined.

Two: Making it together
We are on a journey together. The film is not a product to be flogged to customers. The film is an interesting challenge that we want to share with others.

Three: Honesty
I don't have all the answers of how to make a perfect film easily. No one does. And we all know that. So do not pretend otherwise. Overcoming obstacles is more interesting than just appearing to magically getting it right.

Four: Make it worth talking about
Word of mouth is the enemy of traditional movies. Poor word of mouth fights against their blanket marketing. We rely on word of mouth to spread our films. So make your film worth talking about.

Five: A story lasts forever
Therefore - invest in story, not glossy marketing.

Six: 'A film for...' NOT 'A film by...'
No one cares who you are. But they care if you made a film for people like them.

Seven: No snobbery
It doesn't matter how people see the film - DVD, TV, phone, big screen, download. It only matters that they see it. Most people also don't care what it was shot on, so long as it looks good.

Eight: Film is fun
We love making films. Show it. Excitement is infectious.

Comments on the manifesto are welcome. Its an ongoing work.
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Bang2Write said...

Never understood the film/digital thing. Loads of films could never have been made on film stock cos it's so much more expensive - does that make it less of a film?? Bleuch.

I sent you an email a week last wednesday by the way Tim. Did you not get it?

Tim Clague said...

I'm not sure where we got to with our email conversation. But I don't think I got it, no.

Bang2Write said...

I thought not. I will scour through my sent folder and re-send.

Film Student said...

Dear Mr Tim,

I'm a filmm student and need to write a screenplay for my student short film. Now I'm aware of the format for a normal lenght feature film of 120 mins...

But I'm confused how to adapt it for a 30 mins film...and its going to be a digital film. I'm good at the technical aspects, but pre productiopn is an are I'm a bit nervous about.

Tim Clague said...

Film student,

It seems a bit rude to be so obvious but the answer is easy. It is the same - yet shorter!

You can read my script 'Eight' which is 12 minutes long at

Or watch some short films. That will give you ideas of what you can cover in that time. An episode of "friends" is a 30 minute film.

Anonymous said...

Well, you don't really answer the questions i'm looking for. I get all of your other facts, but not really useful tips to make home-made videos.