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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A red light

"Obviously you need to..." should throw up a red light in front of your eyes. When someone says 'obviously' it means 'so far everyone else normally does it this way so I guess you will too'.


If everyone else is doing maybe it then I should do something else to stand out. Fair enough. Maybe the normal way is the best way. But maybe it isn't? Especially considering how fast the world changes. What used to be a great idea may now be a dinosaur idea. 3 examples from my life...

Obviously you need to write the next draft of Circumference. Why? I wrote the last one. Why am I best qualified to do the next one? I am hoping Bournemouth writing colleague and script guru Danny Stack will help me and write it with me.

Obviously you won't actually walk all the way down Wimborne Road - you'll just cheat it in the edit. Yeah right. Just walk it and be done with it. People know. They can tell!

Obviously you'll eventually charge for The Scriptwriter's Life diagram. Why will I? Its not for the money. Its half for doing it for myself. The other half is more self-centred. Its about promotion and recognition and for being seen to be the guy who does new ideas.

So just picture that red light! It works for me. Obviously it will work for you.

This photo is called Red Light and is of room 64 of the Jardin de l'Odéon. It is by FREDERIC DURAND.

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