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Sunday, November 26, 2006

NOT a trailer

Circumference producer Adam has reminded me that what we are producing is not strictly 'a trailer'. The reason being that a trailer is made from clips with a finished film. Being a bit like Archie, the main character who is detailed and methodical, Adam sent me a Wikipedia link to the actual definition.

So if it isn't a trailer then what is it? We were calling it a Visual Treatment as it seeks to bring our written treatment of the film to life. A treatment is a document that outlines both the plot and the style. So that kind of fits but isn't quite right as a lot of people wouldn't really know what we meant by Visual Treatment. And if we have to explain it - then it isn't right.

In the end I think we might go for 'The Pitch'.

"Have you seen the Circumference pitch yet?" Its a common term that most people know and it sums up what it does. It just pitches the film to you. A pitch by its nature is not a finished film. In fact it says you are a early in development. And I think Archie would approve.

I think we are in for a lot more of these kinds of discussions as we move forward on the film. What do we call things? What's the best way of presenting these ideas? If you are trying to create a new market rather than just another product then its to be expected.

All this discussion of course gives me an excuse to tease you with another screen shot. This only has 5 layers of effects.

  • One to blue up the sky
  • One to make Archie's tie more red
  • One to decrease the green of the trees behind Archie so it doesn't distract
  • A general colour increase for the sand and sea
  • A slight graduation left to right so its brighter where Archie is

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Smoky said...

Well as long as you can agree that this is a "picture", it looks "fantastic". I love the depth you got going on there

Tim Clague said...

This is not a picture. It is a still. But there you go.