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Saturday, November 18, 2006

More computer skills and more on eggs

Computer Skills

Last piece of advice on technology for now. Its one that I am surprised that others don't always know about. But offering these bits of advice reminds me of the comedian's dilemma. The comedian wants to say something exciting and on-the-edge but isn't sure everyone will get it. His joke needs to be about something we all do, but never talk about.

The comedian might say; "You know there is always one teacher that you fancy at school..." Well what if only the comedian fancied the teacher at school? What is all the audience look back and think 'freak!'? Oh no!

Well, that's my position. (Not the teacher bit, the dilemma bit) Except for me its the worry that you may all look back at me and think.. "Yeah. We know that!"

Today's risky issue is around "Track Changes". A useful tool for working with others. We all need to work with others at sometime and we need to work on documents and scripts and share ideas. Track changes ensures people see what are you doing. Its transparent working.

In Microsoft Word its in the Tools menu. Try it. You see instantly how it works as soon as you turn it on. You see all the changes being catalogued off to one side with your name written next to it. If someone else changes the document it has their name. Now we can see how is changing what. And we can either agree or disagree.

Google Documents is even more powerful. This is like word-on-the-web. Your document is stored on-line and people you invite can edit it. Again - all changes are tracked so you can see who has changed what and go back to earlier versions. Here is our proposal for a video wiki to give you an idea. If you had permission you could just change the document straight away.

Next time you need to work together give it a go. If you can't be together its the next easiest thing. One document - many editors - all at once.

Coming next on the Scriptwriter's Life is presentation skills.

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