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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Computer Skills and sucking eggs

Computer Skills

Some wags have said that the Scriptwriter's Life is like teaching writers to suck eggs. And in some ways they are actually right! If we are good writers we should know most of what is on here and be good at it. So I feel little need to explain much about script layout and what Final Draft is. If you do want to know more then just click on the links in the last sentence.

But, to keep the analogy going, how many of us can actually suck an egg? In fact, in real life, who the hell would suck an egg without breaking it. I expect Potdoll can for some reason. But anyway...

So my only piece of advice for today is 'beware complacency'. You may think you know Final Draft but do you know the ins and outs of the Revisions feature or how to use Macros (its in the document menu and lets you set keyboard shortcuts) Did you know it has a built in Thesaurus (in Tools) and that you can leave yourself notes in the script to remind yourself to do something (by using Insert Scriptnote in Document? These are your tools. Know them well.

My top advice. Set your auto back up save location (which is in preferences) to a different drive on your computer to where you normally save your scripts. That way even if one drive fails you don't lose your work.

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Anonymous said...

I always imagined it would be a boiled and peeled egg that grandmothers were supposed to suck as far as the saying went, rather than a raw+shelled one personally.It just seemed more logical. But then, this is what this diagram is about, right? Different interpretations.

Hope you got my email by the way.

L x

Paul Draper said...

I also had the soft boiled egg model in mind.

Sucking a shell-on freshly laid egg is just madness and has no place in today's Britain.

Tim Clague said...

Granny knows best. Don't mess with the go-fo!