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Friday, November 03, 2006

The best book on film making

This book is great. I've only glanced at it for a few minutes but I'm already committed to reading it thoroughly. Its all here:
Funding, festivals, agencies, agents etc, etc. Its for all levels of film makers.

In a way I feel bad. Its taken me about 10 years to know all this stuff. Now you can just read it in this one book. But this bad feeling is the way I know its a great resource - its worth being jealous about!

Its on Amazon here.

I got a free copy through the post. It wasn't actually meant for me, but I got it anyway. So this blog entry is written through guilt / seeking to balance the karma.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I saw that in Waterstones and wondered if it was any good. I'm knee deep in the guerilla handbook at the moment, it's great.

Tim Clague said...

Its a bit more 'official' than the Guerilla book.