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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Where you been?

Yes blog readers. Its me, holding a light - on a film set. Quite why you put a writer in charge of lighting I don't know. But then such is the nature of Adrian Ward and his feature film "Heading South".

For all those that complain of lengthy productions and difficult times check out this tale...

He started work on it 6 years ago and shot 85% of it. In the intevening times people have come and gone. By the time he got around to doing the pick ups (6 years later) his original 16mm rushes had been destroyed when the developers went bust. This leaves him with just a BetaSP one light transfer.

Despite ALL that he still finished it. Its easy to see the moral of the story as being - "Be better organised and don't twat about for 6 years". But that isn't it all. I'd rather celebrate Adrian's tenacity to get the damn thing done. I'll see you all at the premiere I hope - probably in another six years.


Paul Draper said...

It's worth noting that said auteur had two children, moved house and had other major life changes in the intervening six years - he wasn't just crouching in a cupboard with a horlicks and a copy of "Heat".

Tim Clague said...

Are you sure? Who did drink all that Horlicks I bought then? That barrel would have gone a long way. In hindsight I should have bought the 500g not the 500kg as was written on the shopping list. I guess now I look back it was more likely a typo than a big order. I suppose Ady just drunk it to be polite. Oh well. Its all in the past now.