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Sunday, October 08, 2006

What If?

Sam and Jim talk about professional writing as they see it. They are new writers in Hollywood. Its a great podcast. Check it out. On one show they talked about all the comedy writers who suddenly fell out of work. They fell out of work when reality TV (or unscripted entertainment as they call it there) took off. We all know that the landscape is in upheavel at the minute. Money is moving into the internet. The old studios are owned by new companies. TV ratings are falling. 100+ channels was bad enough. Now we have infinite channels thanks to on-demand and Sky+. And that's stuff that has already happened. Here are some what ifs. Things to think about if you are trying to get into the industry. Maybe it will be easier to answer these questions and get into the 'new' industry - whatever it turns out to be.


What if MySpace users started to hire writers to make themselves seem better?
What if you had to write tomorrows episode of a soap today - based on viewers feedback?
What if viewers wrote the episodes via a forum? What would your role be?
What is there wasn't time to write down scenes for actors? How would you work?
How would you explain the fact you need 3 months writing time to
How would you explain a 'final draft' to Google where everything is in Beta?
How will you feel when your movie is pirated?
What if the Film Council closed down tomorrow?
What if you started to get paid from TV broadcasters on a per viewer basis?
What if you got paid from ITV on how well your show had shifted products for the advertisers?
What if you did win an oscar? What would you actually, really do?
What if you had junior writers below you? How would you treat them? Would you listen to there pet ideas?
What if you could fire the director and producer?
Which would you rather have - 50% more writers fee, your picture on the back of every DVD (like a novel) or the chance to tour with your film and introduce it?

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