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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stop moaning about it - and start moaning about it

You may have noticed (but probably not as I've only just noticed after 5 years) that Apple Trailers pages don't feature the writer. Come on now writers - what are we going to do about it? Probably tut into our rich roast organic fair trade coffee and moan on a blog. That's one way...


Write to Apple like I did. They even wrote back within the hour. Here is what they said:

"Hi Tim,

We have had a couple of emails about extending the film data to include additional cast, writers, etc.

We are following the lead of the studios to offer primary cast and the director info they give us and list on their film sites. They don't offer the extended info to us yet.

We'll look into it and offer them if provided. Thanks for the great suggestion!

-Movie Trailers Team

So not an amazing result. But a start. Keep an eye out for people that you can put writers issues in front of. We need to take a lesson from other 'campaign groups'. So its not really about approaching people in the direct business. We know that some of them don't give a shit. I mean approach people in the 'new' business - in the film2.0 business.

Not just Apple. I'm pretty sure I can single handedly take them on! But who else? And do it. Do it once at least. Or I never want to hear another moan about writers being undervalued again.

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