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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

No lighting required

Luckily no lighting was required for this scene from Adrian Ward's film which was shot on Sunday. So I didn't need to involve myself. Watch out - bad language ahead so turn down the speakers if at work.

This mini making of is called "Crashing cars - the English way".


Paul Draper said...

Man that driver is so cool - I want to be just like him.

Tim Clague said...

You should be an actor then rather than a dude who works with computers in a bank. Witness the kind of life you could have led. All the girls love a stunt driver!

Paul Draper said...

..leaning further out, the sentry stopped chuckling.

He could see from this position his limestone parapet was supported by sandstone buttresses, cracked with the weight of past rain and scored with gutters carved by the wind.