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Monday, October 02, 2006

For all the doc people out there.

Spelling error there. What I am more keen to talk to you about is Current TV. Its an interesting TV1.5 idea. It is a cable channel (in the US) where the content is pulled in from an upload YouTube style site. However the over-riding theme is about citzenship / politics / opinion but its a great outlet for documentary people. Just to get you a bit more interested - you get paid. Films latest friend Al Gore is involved at some level.

Speaking of past political leaders check out the interesting case study of Bill Clinton on Fox News. Bill decided in an interview not to play along with the line of questioning that he saw as one-sided. Fox News spun it as 'Clinton out of control' while people who uploaded the clip to YouTube all labelled it as 'Clinton fights back'. In my mind this may be the ultimate benefit of the web. No editorial slant by a single company or person can stick - we'll add our own.

More about it here. YouTube got leant on by Fox and took it down - but you can watch it on Google instead here!

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