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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wiki (updated)

Fame of sorts as I have a Wikipedia entry. And I didn't even do it myself (before you ask) as I seem to be available only in French. C'est La Vie.


Even better this page puts me next to Chaplin!


Rosieaj said...

ooer. Well done. everything sounds so much more romantic in French.

Tim perhaps we can talk soon regarding plans for 2007 Muse magazine?

I've just hooked up with Dean Evans. I'm writing an article on him.

Kind regards
Rosie Jones

Tim Clague said...

While I'm not sure it competes with the staggering success of my Wiki page I'm still really keen on doing the Muse articles.

Dean Evans - for those that don't know - was a runner on the Circumference trailer shoot. However he is also a keen film maker himself.