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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What is "The red circle"?

Building your character.
This circle, the middle of the three, looks at building up your character. That means you have to be three dimensional - never mind the people in your story.

If you look in the three inner sections you can see what I mean. There is:
  • The industry - how much do you actually know about your industry. Do you look at box office figures. Do you read other scripts, professional scripts? How many?
  • Research - where are your new ideas going to come from? Are you up on the new developments in other art forms? Do you look inside yourself and consider your own emotions and thoughts?
  • Training - are you getting help. Have you identified your weak spot and done something about it?

I think this is my favourite circle of the three. This is because it invites us to look deep in ourselves, where we are, what we want to do, how we compare to the best people out there. But at the same time its about being open and outward looking. Its about getting our head up and looking around for new sources of inspiration.

In essence this circle is about the long term. Its about having the character to stay the course and get there in the end. This is what I try to do. And I've noticed its what the best writers do do.

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The Scriptwriter's Life diagram is by Tim Clague from a joint venture by Projector Films, South West Screen & MartonHouse.
The diagram can be used by anyone and is under a Creative Commons License.
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