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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What is "The blue circle"?

Your dialogue with the industry.
This circle, the last of the three, looks at your dialogue with the industry. And dialogue is what it has to be. It has to be a two way conversation. Only by being in the conversation can you ever hope to find that people are talking about what you want to talk about.

If you look in the three inner sections you can see what I mean. There is:
  • Gravity - How often are you networking and discussing projects? Not just at formal 'networking events' but also informally and on-line. And how visible are you? Do people know what you are doing? If they think 'writer' - do they think of you first? Gravity has been talked about on this blog before but the diagram shows how it fits into the big picture - and also how important it is.
  • Business - business is boring. That's the normal battle cry of a writer. But your business head should be put on for more than just invoices and accounts. Do you know where your money is coming from? Should you spending more time on those projects (eg. corporates) and less on your pet projects. Or the other way around? Do you know what other people are charging? Are you selling yourself short?
  • Relationships - how are you keeping in touch with people? Or has it been six months since you last spoke to that great contact you made? How are you meeting new people? And who are you keeping in touch with? Producers of course and agents I hope. But what about other writers? What about business experts - eg. lawyers? What about new up and coming directors? What about actors?

This circle can be the most difficult for writers. Which is strange. Perhaps as professionals we don't always relish the idea of networking. Instead we would rather get our heads down and get on with some of the tasks in the other two circles.

But for over a year now on this blog (and in many, many other places) writers have been moaning about their position. The cause of discontent is around status. We sometimes feel we don't get enough respect or people are not aware of our work and what we do.

This circle is about doing something about that. And doing it as an everyday thing / part of your normally working pattern.

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The Scriptwriter's Life diagram is by Tim Clague from a joint venture by Projector Films, South West Screen & MartonHouse.
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