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Friday, September 08, 2006

A New Hope

Hope lives on

A quick request for you to indulge me slightly. Please visit the BitFilm awards site and vote for Hope (or any other film that you feel is better). Its up for an awards sponsored by Adobe due to the copious amounts of full on HD After Effects work in there. Hope is my last short and I'm pleased with the progress of this film through the festivals. It's a good feeling to go out on.


Rich said...

I tried to vote but it wouldn't let me. It might be worth telling people to vote for 5 stars or not at all. Some of these voting systems work on averages rather than on points so anything lower than a 5 brings the average down.. anyway, if you're going to vote it might as well be all or nothing eh?

Tim Clague said...

Everyone - don't listen to Rich. Vote what you think its worth. 5 would be great though. Unless you're too stupid to vote (like Rich is) then don't worry.