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Monday, September 04, 2006

Hi tech structure cards

Stewart McKie tracks every piece of software that relates to scriptwriting. He knows of my love towards the use of structure cards and said I should check out Super Note Card. This shareware priced downloadable software aims to replicate the card structure workings but on your computer.

The advantages are that you can then track the paths of certain storylines or characters easily.

I think it works well. But its still not for me. It assumes that I'm further down the line that I probably am. I may not even have scenes on my cards. I may have just ideas and thoughts.

I'm looking at the board for LooP now. One series of cards say to ensure that we return to the same location 3 times. One just says "Russian Doll" and one says "Each hour is a minute shorter" - an idea to thread through the whole film.

These aren't scenes that we can move about. These are loose ideas seeking a home. I don't think the software can cope with that.

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