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Friday, September 01, 2006

365 example

Some of you may not have seen our 365films demo movie. This is a production that was written, shot and edited in 8 hours. All in HiDef!

A bit of trivia - that is Chris Musselwhite's shirt (from Small Town Folk) that I am wearing. Cheers Chris! All the best for your premiere tomorrow.

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Rich S said...

Well Tim, you've done it again. A beautiful, charming film which really had me engaged. I loved it, I was really interested in the character, the journey, the struggle towards whatever wheelbarrow based task the man was going to complete. I was thinking, wow, a potential landcrab winner that doesn't look like a string of really crap jokes about a fat bloke, and then you turned it into shit with a rubbish ending.

My day is ruined, I feel robbed. Please make an alternative ending!


Tim Clague said...

But at least you feel alive and thats the main thing!

Rich S said...

I never said that, but seriously, it took me by surprise and I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't a more profound ending.. Was that Sean on camera? it was very good. I bet he loved it on that mountain with his cigar.

Maybe if I watch it on Friday i'll feel differently about it, The days of the wwek are a bit like the mullett haircut, business at the front, party at the back, hopefully the party end of the week will give me a more lighthearted outlook..

Anyway, it provoked me to comment so that's half the battle for publicity over.

The Uncle said...

What's this about a cigar?

Tim Clague said...

I think you'll find Friday equally disappointing - but thats just the Peter Lee in me. I'm surprised that you would hope for such a deep and meaningful ending considering that you have met us. The film was a job swap with an actress directing and my acting. That explains most of what you see.

For deep insight and a fresh look at life you'll have to wait for Circumference.

And click on the advert at the end of the video so I get 20 pence.

Rich S said...

Watched it again, clicked the ad. Who do I talk to about putting that advert on my website, I'm looking for some pay per click advertisers and that one is very relevent.

Tim Clague said...

Talk to