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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sorry for irregular postings

Why the infrequent postings? Well the Bournemouth gang are all involved in pre-production on the trailer for the film Circumference. But of course a time of activity is the greatest time to blog. Life at the coal-face is where the action is.

Normally I disagree with spending effort in producing a trailer. By the time we shot the trailer we could have shot some of the final film. But here is our rationale for doing it in this case.

  • Technical tests - I am going to shoot a lot of footage in the final film - a lot! Film is out. This will be a shoot about catching minute moments that arise from improvisation. So no film, but visually video will ruin it (see my discussion with Suki earlier. So we are trying out new systems such as the Movie Tube. But we need to try that out for real, not in a demo situation. Its been great talking to other film makers such as Dave McDowall and getting opinions from others.
  • Audition - The trailer can act as the best ever audition.
  • Sales tool - As you know Circumference is being funded through a new business model. Part of the budget would be raised by offering 30 second slots in the film for companies to advertise whatever they want. Only we can use this technique as we feature a salesman in the main role. Its more honest than product placement and means that we can give the film away for free - that's right - free! The trailer is a sales tool for this idea.
  • Concept - The concept of the lead character offering analysis of his own story is a bit odd. Better to show it than talk about it.

So we'll see how we get on. We are currently deep in casting.

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