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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Perfect Cast

Coming soon is a great tool for writers I've been working on for a while. It's part of the "How to promote yourself and your work" scheme that I'm putting together for South West Screen. The aim of the scheme is to help writers and directors plan their career and be able to sell their script as well as just be able to plan and write their script.

As a promotional tool for the project AND as a framework for the content I am working on putting the whole of a scriptwriters life onto a single page. Watch out for it soon and, as ever, I'll be seeking comments!

One of the things on this page was an idea that I know some people use and some people may never have heard of. I call it 'perfect cast'. The idea is to cast the film before you write it. The aim is not to actually get into a production corner where only one person could play the role but rather to help you, as a writer, get a feel for your character. Write it as if Bill Murray was the character. Whoever plays the role eventually won't sound like Bill Murray but the world-weary feel will shine through.

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