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Monday, August 14, 2006

A new year of the blog

The projector films blog is one year old today...

So what? Well, thinking back it has done a number of things:

  • Put me in touch with writing guru Danny Stack.
  • And other writers and film people from around the world - too many to mention.
  • Got the idea of the Gravity Model out there amongst writers.
  • The same for Storydust.
  • Holding the local film makers get together.
  • Launched the whole idea of 365 films
  • And most crucially made me consider marketing much more urgently. How can writers get the credit they deserve unless they demand it. To demand it they need to be known.
  • Made me look at my own workflow - what actually have I done today worth writing about. If nothing, then why not!
  • Made me think about what it is that I do really do (new ideas for film makers) and how much I tell people that's what I do.

What's coming up? Last year was about looking inwards to understand all those things. This next year is about making things.
  • The trailer for Circumference.
  • Leading into the full feature.
  • The Scriptwriters Life model (everything you need to know on a page).
  • And hopefully a fully blown CD-ROM made to back this model up.
  • 365 - you never know!

Anyway. I'm off to Edinburgh for the screening of Hope. Maybe see you there. I'm already meeting up with blog regular Sal from My Excellent Adventures - ahhh - the power of the blog!


Danny Stack said...

A blogaversary I think it's called.

Nice one!

Anonymous said...

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