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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A new idea on how TV needs to change how it sells itself

American TV has record low figures.

ITV is in a bad shape.

Andy Harries (head of drama ITV) says... "Don't you think that the ABs [upmarket viewers] have stopped watching ITV because it has become unwatchable? Hundreds of people tell me this. There is too much clutter, and it is putting people off. ITV is so unfashionable. It doesn't have to be like Channel 4, but it should be modern. It looks like a bargain basement."

I feel a bit sorry for TV now. Since day one of this blog I've been banging on about TV being on the way out and being out of touch.

But who wants all that negativity? So I offer an answer to my TV colleagues. Its the same answer as for the films. Start by justifying the time you are asking (the best 1 hour of ground breaking drama) and stop taking people's time for granted (6 hours of live celebrity hula hooping etc).

I don't need to know when its on (as I will timeshift it anyway or watch on-demand).
I don't need to know what channel its on as I will find it
I don't really need to know what happens in it

I do need to know what it will do for me. How will it affect me? Why should I bother? What's in it for me?

Of course if you can't answer those questions then that may explain why people are watching in the first place.

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