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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Meet the locals...

Danny Stack is right to remind us to check out Severance by fellow blogger James Moran from 'the pen is mightier than the spork' blog. In fact you can't help but notice it. Its plastered on the side of every bus it seems! Its out now at your local flicks.

Closer to home I would also like to fill you in on a great no-budget local film. Small Town Folk is the work of Peter Stanley-Ward, Chris Musselwhite, Natalie Conway, Chris Wright and too many others to mention.

I first met these guys a lifetime ago when they came on my scriptwriting workshop. But I take no credit for their skills as they were always committed to film and always had a drive and energy that was infectious. This is a labour of love for the gang. But its no pet project or dry run. This is a full on feature. Check out this trailer right now. Its fantastic.

The good news. You can come to the premiere. Its on next Saturday (the 2nd September) at 10 at the Harbour Lights in Southampton. I'll be there of course. And you'd be crazy to miss it.

Get your ticket from the producer Chris Musselwhite.

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