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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Live from Edinburgh

We have made it up to the Edinburgh Film Festival in one piece - despite airport security. A few first impressions...

  • Excellent staff and facilities. Its all here and all easy. A delegate centre with net access and a cafe etc.
  • Films - a mixture of industry screenings and films on show to the public. I like that approach. It means we never forget that the paying public need to be involved.
  • Talks - some good talks and seminars. First one in a moment. There are a healthy amount of writer's talks as well. Nothing for craft people though.
  • Approach - film as an international art form and not a business. So 180 degree opposite to Cannes.

So the early vibe would seem to me that this makes an excellent antidote to Cannes. Less hectic and less business. Its more about enjoying the films and talking about films. So its harder to justify spending your networking cash up here. And I'm wearing my coat!

Challenges for the 3 days (!) include seeing some fringe stuff, getting up to the castle, swapping a dozen business cards and an extra challenge from Steve in the office is eating a square sausage. I just hope that isn't rude slang up here and will get me a black eye.


SteveNaive said...

No jokes Tim, square sausage is the real deal. Your gonna like it so much you'll be scouring the Bournemouth supermarkets for it when you get home.

Get the low down here:

The Uncle said...

I had that once Steve when I was in Scotland. It came with a lovely bit of brown. I'm not sure what "brown" actually was but the Scotts seemed to serve it with everything - starters, mains, deserts, the lot and it always tasted the same. It appeared to be some sort of sauce (sorry to mention that word on your blog Tim).

The "Brown" was rubbish but the square sausage was nice.

SteveNaive said...

I'm not 100% sure but I think "brown" could be a combination of vinegar and brown sauce. I had this offered to me in a chippy in Edinburgh once - it was in a bottle labelled "chippy sauce". I felt stupid / naive for not knowing what it was so never asked. That said, brown is also slang for heroin in Scotland, so either way take it at your own peril!

Tim Clague said...

Thanks for that. But this is film stuff going on up here. Not a sauce festival!