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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hallam Foe - new marketing ideas for a new film

Check out the progress of Hallam Foe - a new film by Dave MacKenzie. They (and Buena Vista) are trying to think of ways of involving bloggers in the film. The whole 'Snakes on a Plane' thing is great - if your film is about being nuts! But what about other kinds of films? That's the challenge here. They are planning some kind of rough cut screening for bloggers as a first step.

My favourite quote from David - " It may seem strange but as a director I have very rarely been asked to be involved too much in the marketing of my films. I rather disagreed with the marketing angle on my last film but my thoughts were basically ignored. So I am especially happy to be involved at this comparatively early and proactive stage in the process."

I think that journey is one that a lot of us are on.

If as film makers we want people to think about our work, to talk about our work, to make a difference then we MUST be willing to wade in and confront head on the issue of "how are people going to see this story?" Story, characters, dialogue AND the audience must all be one and coming from the same place. I think just calling these kind of activities 'new marketing ideas' is not quite enough. It could be more. A new way for film makers and the audience to be closer. Remember my age old graphic - it's all part of that.

Rough poster by Colin Kennedy.
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OnMeJack said...

Hi Tim,

I was just wondering if you had seen Lonely Girl15?

Reason I ask is that there was loads of debate about it being fake or not (it is) and it showed a resentm,ent from fans who had invested in it.

Also from a TV2.0 point of view which directly plays into your writer audience diagram, episodes have been based around a response to postings on the forum.

and it has a sublot LOST would be proud of.

Tim Clague said...

I have (had) been following LG15 of course. To a keen media eye it was always false. Yes - it is in the spirit of TV2.0

But it lacks the one essence of it that really matters. Honesty. That's when TV lets us down. It is where web2.0 wins - for instance I try to open and honest on the blog.

So it has to be in any TV2.0 idea as well.

OnMeJack said...

you and your honesty.

that's like not liking Blair Witch Project, becuase it dind't actually feature a ghost, or witch.

yeah within the piece shes never gone
'hi people have been asking whether I'm real or not'

but once you get past that, it's using Video blogging to tell a story, that has some level of narrative structure.

Yes they could have said from the outset this isn't real, but then it wouldn't have got the attention it now has.

Tim Clague said...

When I say 'honesty' I mean a contract with the audience. Is it a fair contract? 'Normal' films don't claim to be real - I understand the contract. LG15 - says one thing but we don't know. Its not really about the narrative anymore then. It becomes about the mystery of what it is.

Either way - it is interesting. And a good case study. But not a sustainable future. But, to contradict myself, TV2.0 is probably NOT about sustainable ideas but should be about moments of new ideas like this.


OnMeJack said...

is that ahh, as in a moment of pain or confusion


ahh as in a moment of revelation?

Tim Clague said...

Ahhh - confusion of where we are going. But thats the excitement