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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The gapingvoid guide to selling movies...

Hugh Macleod from Gaping Void is a marketing via blog legend. Here is an extract on how to use blogs to market films...

What I wish to use the blogosphere for, is to understand two basic questions:

1. Who is talking about the movie.
2. What are they saying about the movie.

And I want to know the answer to this question before the film is in general release.

As any Cluetrain maven will tell you, when it comes to Word Of Mouth, you don;t control the conversation. The only way you can have any control of the conversation is if you improve the conversation.

i.e. Control the conversation by improving the conversation.

i.e. Find ways to make it easier for people to talk about your movie.

Movies are loved they articulate feelings that the audience has, but cannot express themselves. As marketers, we have a duty to help them [actively] do this in terms of their conversations with [relating to] other people, not just in terms of them sitting [passively] in a movie theatre.

I believe that interacting with the blogosphere will help us come up with the answers were looking for. This to me is far more important and interesting than using to blogosphere for the rather shallow act of "creating buzz".

Next Steps:

1. Start getting bloggers to see the movie, on a limited scale, via private screenings.
2. Listen and learn from what they're saying.

3. Offer feedback. Be transparent about what you're seeing.

4. See which parts of the conversation are going "viral". Positive? Negative? Align your marketing accordingly, by making the "Porous Membrane" even more porous.

5. Start getting bloggers to see the movie on a slightly larger scale. Launch a massive "Free Movie Tickets" campaign via the blog advertising networks- Weblogs Inc, Federated, Gawker, Blogads etc.

6.Repeat process.

Remember, Word Of Mouth is not created, Word of Mouth is co-created. People will only spread your virus if there's something in it for them. They have to be complicit in your success.
Which means, of course, you have to be complicit in their success as well.

Rock on,


I still say that before any of that works we need to make sure that our film is available to watch for a long time. These techniques take a while. A one week limited release will not help. That's why I'm sure that you need a new distribution method. Like the free-to-give-way DVD idea for Circumference.

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