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Thursday, August 24, 2006

First shots

A lot of people are asking about our experiences with the Movie Tube. This is a piece of kit we hired from Decode that increases your depth of field and allows you to use a pro set of lenses - the kind you would use for a 35mm film camera. Ever on the search for new ideas of course we also tried out the Panasonic HVX200 with an attached hard drive that allows you to record directly to disc. So no digitising required! We shot in DVCProHD (1920x1080 final image size).

We had no real issues with the kit. And the image above is one that I have just ripped off the raw material now. Its untampered in any way. In fact its probably still interlaced.

A big thanks to all the crew. Not all that interesting for most readers but if you need crew I recommend the following. It might be the greatest Bournemouth crew ever assembled. Danny Stack was my runner for goodness sake! The legendary Uncle managed to make the movietube sing as DoP - no rants - with help from 'man of the shoot' Andy Earle. James Ward did the sound collecting and spot effects while local sound guru Jim Watkins captured the sync sound. Sidekick Kim Rogers did the make up while Mark Skadding did the stills. Big thanks to Dean Evans who was general production dude and of course to Adam Merrifield from Whitelantern who pulled it all together. More on the cast tomorrow!

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