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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Extra musing

This came out of the printer at work. So I stood there and looked at it for a while. Isn't that all anyone EVER wants, for people to comment on what we do? Scripts, films, blogs - all desperate attempts at dialogue.

At the old office there was a sign in the window downstairs. It was a piece of A4 blutacked up at a jaunty angle. Handwritten on it was "Hello to the brown trays". What? And if you looked. If you looked waaaaay across to another office block, across the street and over the car park, there in the 6th floor window was a desk with a stack of 4 brown in-trays.

A desperate plea for a comment that I found both warm and heart breakingly sad.


Danny Stack said...

If I look out my window, I see two dudes sitting in a car (all day), just listening to their pumped-up stereo. I don't want to say 'hello', I want to say 'shut up!'

The Uncle said...

Good comment!