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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

European films - what can we offer?

We've been putting in to go on the Arista development workshops for Circumference.

One question on the form asked What stories should we be telling in Europe? After a little chin tickling time I actual thought my answer was quite good. So here it is...

Bad practice though it is I will start by answering what stories we shouldn't be telling in Europe. We shouldn't be telling other people's stories. We shouldn't be a rebadge factory for Amercia stories. Let the American's tell their own stories.

What does that mean for us? I believe it means that we need stories that will change people. Hollywood has saturated the cinema with stories that DON'T change people - that just reinforce already held beliefs and recycle ideas. The most obvious manifisation of this the nurmerous sequels and remakes currently being spewed out.

In Europe we need to stop competing with that idea. We need to start working on films that make people feel something - excited, scared, cry. And we need to sell that as a positive thing, rather than being embarrassed about it.

As people become more time orientated they are going to want to know why they should spend 2 hours watching a film. What is it for them? 2 hours is a long time and we could all be doing something else. If we focus on life changing stories then that becomes the easiest sell in the world. We make stories that are worth 2 hours of your life because they will change you forever.

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