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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Edinburgh show

The screening went well. There was about 60 people there which was more than I expected. Some great animations as well. Technically ours wasn't the best but I think it held its own story wise. This camera-phone pic shows Kim trying to drum up some interest!

Had some haggis, neeps and tatties (no square sausage yet) sitting next to the legendary Arthur Smith last night. We also saw a great live improv Jim Henson workshop show. You can see both the end result via big screens (ie what you would see on the muppet show on TV) and the puppeteers doing their stuff live. Those guys really live it!

Today was an early start to see Clerks II at 9am. I don't believe this to be the ideal viewing time. A short review - more of the same.

I met up with Sal Brown from Excellent Adventures blog yesterday. It turns out she was at Cannes earlier in the year. But that was when she had just started blogging. I'm sure she will be a regular in my meetings diary at future events as she is working hard at her writing and film making and putting her best effort into it.

More to come...


Anonymous said...

Sounds grand Timothy, but what about the brown? I know you hate sauce, but forget the texture and just taste it! For the good of Frankind!

OnMeJack said...

ello squire, have you seen this

Tim Clague said...

No brown - not at swanky film events! Thank goodness.

Sal said...

Hi Tim! Was good to meet you the other day, I'm glad your screening went well, very sorry not to have been able to make it. Hope to catch you on the festival circuit again, and definitely interested in developing the Cannes plans