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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Why blog?

Talking about blogging to people brings you back to the same question - why blog?

Do you remember at the end of He-Man (that's old He-Man not new He-Man) he always summed up the moral of the story. That's what a blog is for you. A way of summing up the moral of YOUR day. Its not always as exciting as He-Man's day but it is less cheesy and with fewer easier answers.

1 comment:

Andy Coughlan said...

It's always struck me there are two primary type of blogger (and two secondary).

The two main groups are a) those that blog to keep a journal, and b) those that do it to educate.

I'm certainly in the first group, along with people like Neil Gaiman, who just write down events, thoughts and musings as they go through life. These are probably only of any value if the person blogging is a) famous, or b) someday becomes famous (otherwise, they are simply amusing diversions).

The second group is the most valuable group in terms of shared wisdom - bloggers (normally specialists or professionals) such as yourself, Danny Stack and John August, who tend to take a more Q&A oriented approach and encourage more discussion.

The first subgroup is really those people who should be in the first group, but have far more interesting stories to tell from their past, than the daily banalities of everyday life. Josh Friedmann springs to mind here, along with Ken Levine.

The second subgroup are those that don't really blog about anything, but just link to others people's blogs entries.

That's not to say that these groups are mutually exclusive, but a blogger's style normally puts him in one of these camps more often than the others.

Just my fourpenny worth...