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Friday, July 14, 2006

What? - updated

So good its bad?

So bad its good?

Post-modern / rehash / cash in. Whatever! I can't believe there will be another round of this! After a challenge from The Uncle there is a new name for this kind of remake combined into a sequel - a requel - with the emphasis on reek!


The Uncle said...

Brilliant! It's got the famous steps and the training sequences and... hey, wait a minute is this a remake?

Tim Clague said...

Remake and sequel all in one. A requel!

OnMeJack said...

Surely this isnt a new concept.
Mad Max2 and Evil Dead2 are remake sequels, same films just bigger budgets.

Though less of the reek.

Though not as chaotic as having A Dawn of the Dead remake and sequel come out at the same time but as different films.