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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The sight of sound

Its not often that we feature sound on here - and its not often we do a plug. The reason for this is encapsulated above. This is James Ward. He is a VJ. You can see his showreel here. Give him some work if you can. He is also a sound recordist with his own kit and does tons of other useful stuff with video. Making a film, doing something cool - think of James Ward - but don't think of this picture!


The Uncle said...

Wait a minute, wasn't he the lead singer of Supergrass?

The Uncle said...

Could also be the one from Oasis.

Dom Carver said...

Jimbo, the only man I know who got married wearing sandals. Yes indeed James is the man to hire for all your videoing needs. I'm not just saying this because we went to university together, nor am I saying this because he's my friend, I'm saying this because the boy has talent...and he's videoing our wedding in two weeks time :-)

Go Jimbo.

Tim Clague said...

For goodness sake Dom - make sure he gets a haircut first!

Dom Carver said...

And he's banned from wearing sandals too.