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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Project update

Sorry. But its time for a quick project update. I always forget to mention what is happening 'in the background'.

365films: Following on from some feedback at Cannes and from the BBC Film Network we have a new brochure and website to launch very soon. This idea grows and grows. Devon Landau is also looking at how he could run this in Australia in parallel.

Hope: This has been selected for the Edinburgh Film Festival - which is a first for me. It will be on in the New British Animation section on the 15th August if you will be there.

Circumference: This has reached a first draft stage - feedback is coming in from Danny Stack, Adam Merrifield and Suki. I have also made a great new contact in David Cohen who is the the youngest cello principal ever of the Philharmonia Orchestra. While we work on the script we also wait back to hear from the Lottery about whether they will fund development into the advertising-in-film idea.

Broadway: This feature version of Wimborne Road is currently being considered by a top TV presenter and is being pushed forward by Mark Forstater.

Exciting times!

1 comment:

Sal said...

sounds good. Hope it all takes off