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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A new way to fall asleep!

Earlier in the year I wrote a blog entry about the need for cinemas to do more.

Marcus, my friend who now lives down under, has this picture of a 'gold class' screen. Here is his description...

Now, what’s Gold Class, I hear you say. Well, once you go gold you’d never go to a normal cinema again. Tis brilliant. You get your own room with about 35 capacity, huge, soft, comfy, electric reclining chairs and ninja’s serving you whatever you want though out the film. I call them ninja’s cos they are dressed in blank and crawl on the floor so not to disturb anyone.

Would this work here?


Paul Draper said...

This looks awesome I need to try it immediately.

Dom Carver said...

They have something similar in Norway. They have normal (but larger than British cinema seats) seats at the front and Tables at the back. You can even buy beer during the film.