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Friday, July 28, 2006

Must try harder

Here is the casting call for the Circumference trailer. Adam who is producing the trailer wrote it and I checked it and we sent it out.

White Lantern Film and Projector Films are looking to cast two actors to film a short drama extract for the forthcoming feature film Circumference. If you fulfil one of the roles below and are available for a 1 - 2 day shoot sometime between 21 – 24 August and can travel to Bournemouth (Dorset) please send your photo and biog to Tim Clague, 398-400 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, BH8 8BN or to arrive no later than Monday 7 August 2006. Unfortunately, we can not respond to everyone who submits, if we would like to arrange an audition with you we will respond by 11 August. If you would like us to return any photos or supporting material please include a stamped address envelope. Thank you.

Archie – Is a successful sales man who now spends his working life travelling around the country delivering sales training workshops. He is in his mid-30’s, tall with average build but takes pride in his appearance as looking great is key to a successful sale. Slick, cool, but lost in a world of sales techniques.

Chloe – Is aged in her early 20’s, plays the cello and aspires to play in a national Symphony Orchestra. She loves the environment and lives a creative care-free life but has hidden ambitions. With long blond hair, Chloe is beautiful in an uncomplicated way and enjoys her life.

Everything in the right place? Yes. But now, when I look back, its all facts. Where is the excitement? Where is the reason to apply? No mention of BAFTA nominated writer, nothing about how exciting and cutting edge the film is, no mention of previous productions and their successes. If you were an actor in a hurry doing your emails would this jump out at you as more exciting than any other opportunity? This film is more exciting so we have failed to get that across.

Sometimes we know ourselves and our material so well we forget to tell people about it and get them excited.

If you know someone who would want to know about either of these roles then let me know.


The Uncle said...

Any old actor will respond to anything. Good actors need to be convinced and excited.

OnMeJack said...

it does read like a shooting people casting call.

the only thing you were missing was 'Unfortunetly we can not afford to pay you at this time, but we will possibly provide food and a floor for you to sleep on.
Must have on car and be willing to do some runner work'

Suki Singh said...

Any Indians in this film?

Tim Clague said...

As we discussed - the answer is yes to the full film, but no to the trailer. If you dyed your hair blonde I'd consider you.

Anonymous said...

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