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Thursday, July 13, 2006

More 365 fluff!

Steve says he misses the old ads on 365! He's right. We need to get them out and about. So they will probably go off-site and find a new life roaming the web. Keep an eye out for them!

Also his bit of research has thrown up these extra notes on podcasting. But for the word podcasting read vodcasting or a 365 film:

According to Disneyland VP Duncan Wardle, who’s in charge of the resorts podcast, “In a very short period of time, consumers that choose not to hear from a given brand will screen it out.”

The Diffusion Group says demand for podcasts is likely to grow from less than 15% of portable media player owners in 2005, to 75% by 2010. And estimates say more than half of all podcasts are consumed on the desktop.

Podcasts afford companies the ability to leverage electronic programming without an outside news media filter

On the last note I'd also add that vodcast content is unregulated unlike TV ads.

Big thanks to Steve at OnMeJack.

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