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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Golden Day

I had a golden day the other day. A golden day which demonstrates the power of increasing your Gravity and making sure you talk to as many people as you can. Here is the breakdown of the golden day.

  • Woke up to find a letter from Julie Christie on my welcome mat. She was considering whether to do the voice over for Hope or not. The answer was no, but it was cool to get a hand written note saying she thought it was 'wonderful'. We wouldn't have had time to do it before our show at Edinburgh anyway.
  • Lunch was with Sam Gauntlett from the Bournemouth Echo who wants to write a piece about blogs featuring myself and the infamous Uncle.
  • Read the Mark Cuban article and was pleased to see that film models such as Circumference have come of age.
  • Found out more about the success of companies such as The Viral Factory and started to bring them into the 365 films idea. Again, I'm sure we are on the right track.
  • In the evening went to a Wessex Media Group event where I met Rosie who attended my scriptwriting workshop event about 5 years ago. She has recently graduated from a 3 year degree in scriptwriting and is finding her feet.
  • Talked to Dr Stephen Fry (Marketing guru) from Fry Samuels who said 365 films was a dream idea that only comes along rarely. In his words, 'It has to happen'.
  • Returned to find Mark Forstater has managed to attach Graham Norton to the 'Broadway' show.

Now watch it all unpick again!


The Uncle said...

A golden day indeed.

This is the age, the age of the aquarius.

Sal said...

sounds like a top day.

and meeting up in Edinburgh would be good - how do we swap emails or phone numbers?

Tim Clague said...


Get in touch - Although I'm only there 15,16 and 17th.