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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Follow up

I forgot to mention in the recent post about the balance between work you have to do and work you want to do the excellent e-booklet already written on the subject. I hand it out all the time. It's by Hugh McLeod from the gaping void blog and is called simply "How to be Creative". Download it here.

Still from Gaping Void.
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OnMeJack said...

yeah the book is great, and the concept of balance is something we've spoken about at length.

but the extension to the decision of what you WANT to work on and what you NEED to work on is within the want itself.

when 'time is money' knowing which projects to put back in the drawer and which to burn the candle on

Tim Clague said...

There is no easy answer to this. Except of course to remember what Hugh said in his e-book. That these two things can be the same thing. We must stop trying to seperate our world into two halves - work and play. And start just having one life.