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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Writing and Branding

Below is a quote from Christopher Carfi's blog called The Social Customer Manifesto. Let's read that first...

The People ARE The Brand
Three choice tidbits from Mike Manuel's recent post: "Real Brand Engagement"

"People don't want to engage with brands, they want to engage with the people behind the brands. " - Mike Manuel
"Scream marketing fails because, all too often, it is just that, and if we are not in the mood to be screamed at, it fails or – worse – turns us off completely. The most powerful brand relationship is personal but with people who have akin values." - David Philips
"In an ideal world, the people ARE the brand." - Jarrett Nixon

So what? Isn't all this talk for the big boys. Apple - they have a brand. But I'm just a film maker. I don't have a brand.

That's the purpose of this post. To challenge you to think about your brand. You do have one. If you don't then you need to get one - seriously. What is your thing, your style, your angle. What is it you stand for. What makes you stand out and be different. That is your brand.

Once you know that then your audience will follow you and enagage with you. Last year I wrote about how writers need to command more audience respect. This is one way. Give the audience a 'brand' to follow. Writers need to concentrate on their career - not just their current script. Don't be a leaf blowing in the wind. Take charge of your career and your own brand.

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