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Thursday, June 22, 2006

What is your hobby?

Here is a challenge I got recently. It prompted me to think about my writing and film making life. Perhaps it will make you think about yours.

The challenge is - "What is your hobby?"

Why did I find that so hard to answer? Perhaps for the same reason you do. Your writing started more as hobby. You made films for fun maybe. You know, with your mates, for a laff!

Now it has become more like work. You want to do it 'properly' and 'make a go of it'. So it isn't your hobby anymore. Except it is. Because you love doing it - you do it as work and as a hobby.

When do you switch off? When do you do something else? What is it?

The danger if you don't is something we have seen too often before from too many people. Tiredness at the least, burn out at the most. If you've seen 'The Kid Stays in the Picture' about Robert Evans then you'll know what I mean.

Still from WaterMelon.
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