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Friday, June 23, 2006

Protecting your work

Head on over to Stewart McKie's site. He has a new article on how best to protect your work - including how to register your script and a bit about a creative commons licence. All good stuff.

On a related note - I should just write down here what I tell students when I do a University guest lecture. I've seen more good scripts fail because people won't send it out for fear of someone stealing it - than I have seen scripts being stolen.

Ideas like 365films are ripe for a steal. But no one has after 2 years.

Still from Eight.
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Dom Carver said...

I've never heard of anyone actually stealing an entire script, an idea, yes, but only because you can't copy and idea. So why do us new writers spend so much time worrying about our work being stolen? It's silly really.

Tim Clague said...

And I say its just as well you can't copyright an idea or we'd all be stuffed. There'd be no Dr Who because of HG Wells' "Time Machine" etc. Most of the time its how well we do the idea that counts.