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Monday, June 12, 2006

New distribution and sales method

If you click the above picture you can read an article on Melissa Balin and her new film. She didn't go to Cannes and do the normal distributor / sales agent route. Instead she started an ebay auction of her film. The highest bidder gets the rights. Its just one more new idea to help the film makers keep control. For some the 'Cannes' route is the right route. But all new ideas give us more options and a greater flexibility to get the right deal for our film (whether its a feature or a short).


Simon Dorfman said...

Any chance you could upload a higher resolution version? Even after I zoomed in on that jpeg, I couldn't read the white article body text.


Tim Clague said...

Wish I could. This is what Melissa sent me.

deepstructure said...

can't find the auction, but here's her website: