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Sunday, June 25, 2006

A man on the same wavelength

An interesting article was in yesterday's telegraph. It concerns a small book called 'The Schreiber Theory' by David Kipe.

In it he outlines the idea that writers should get more credit for films. Not a radical or new idea I know. In fact, it was discussed on this blog last year (Here is the sum up.) But two things make the Schreiber Theory stand out. Firstly, according to the article people seem to be reading it and taking notice! Secondly, that he asserts that now is the best time for writers to take more control.

I'm not confident it will happen. Mainly because I agree with the second point. By will emphasise a word. This is the best time for writers to take control. It won't be given. Of course one way to take control is to be known. (if you become a box office draw then higher billing and more control will follow) And to be known we go back to our recent point - you need a brand. If we want people to say a 'Tim Clague' film, not a 'Martin Scorcese' film then people need to know more about what I stand for and what I'm about.

**Not much talk about this on the blogs though?**

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