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Monday, June 26, 2006

Interesting Things

Below are seven great new ideas that push things about a bit. Check them out. Some are Storydust and some are 'behind the scenes of film making' things.

One: Watch how they made Marlon speak new lines in Superman returns here.
Two: Check out the world first bio-engineered pet here. Not really - but they are causing a scene for the artist who designed them.
Three: Dad is telling it like it is in an overheard conversation here.
Four: Buy the Acme Library of Novelty here.
Five: There is a video on the blog for the film Sunshine here.
Six: Learn about Gravanity. Not a variation on Gravity but rather that idea of people wanting things to be about them. Everything has to be personalised. They want to be seen. So my scheme to sponsor a roundabout and put my name on it was not so odd after all! Its written about here.
Seven: These whiskey people are only selling to members of their own club. They make the whiskey FOR YOU! What would a film equalivant be? Visit here

Pic from Gaping Void.
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